Audi - VW Service

We work on a lot of Audi and
VW vehicles at our shop in
Gardiner, Maine. While Audi / VW
makes some of the best driving
car lines in the world, proper
maintenance of is critical. Most
Audi's and VW's have timing belts,
which need to be replaced at regular
intervals (usually 75K miles).
Failure to replace the timing
belt at correct intervals will
result in the belt braking,
which can cause catastrophic
engine failure. In addition to the
timing belt, the other major
mistake we see Audi / VW
owners make is not changing
the oil
frequently enough.
Read more about the
importance of engine oil here.

Our technicians have thousands
of hours of Audi / VW maintenance
and repair experience, and we stay
up-to-date on the latest training and
. Because of our low overhead,
we are able to provide top quality service for
your Audi or VW, at a lower price than the dealerships.
In fact, in many cases, we are a 25-30% more cost effective.

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